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Your classic on demand delivery service. No cut off time, no limitations. Choose any restaurant and get it delivered right to your door. Explore new foods without going anywhere.

Questions? See the FAQ for delivery.




A modest $1 delivery fee for your weekday lunch. Choose from over 180 shuttle stops in Chicago and 60 shuttle stops in Boston. When your driver arrives, meet him at the curb to receive your food. Chowbus' shuttle menu features dishes from multiple restaurants and rotates daily. See each shuttle stop for the scheduled delivery time. Chicago, Boston, Manhattan, and Philadelphia only.

No shuttle stop near you? Request one by emailing

Questions? See the FAQ for Lunch Shuttle.




No lines and no fees. Choose a restaurant in our app, pick dishes, order, and pick it up from the restaurant when it's ready! Easy and seamless. Receive 10% off for pickup if you are Chowbus Plus Member.


Chowbus Office

Turn your office into the best restaurant in the city. Chowbus is here to revolutionize your lunch options through Chowbus Office—a special lunch shuttle service for your workplace. You can be eligible for Chowbus office by signing up 10 employees under an office plan. Benefits include free delivery, customized shuttle routes, and customized restaurants. 

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Unlimited free delivery for every order you make under your Chowbus Office account.

Tell us your favorite restaurants and we'll customize the menu for your office.


Chowbus Plus Membership

Save on food with Chowbus Plus. Chowbus Plus gives you free unlimited delivery on orders above $25 and $1.99 delivery on orders between $15-25 (no order restriction for New York City). Receive 10% off for pickup and member only discounts (selected restaurants). Start with a 14-day free trial  or get it now for $9.99/month.

Questions? See the FAQ for Chowbus Plus.

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