Chowbus Rewards

What is Chowbus Rewards?

Chowbus Rewards is an in-app rewards program that allows users to earn and redeem restaurant loyalty points and exchange them for free rewards. Users can earn rewards on each qualified order, no enrollment is required. All points and rewards are tied to specific restaurants.

How to earn Chowbus Rewards?

Earning points on eligible orders is easy and automatic. Find participating restaurants, and earn 1 point for every $10 spent (not including the delivery fee, tips, and tax). You can earn points through both Chowbus delivery and pickup orders. You will get a bonus point which you can share with your friends every time when you earn points.

How to redeem Chowbus Rewards?

Points add-up to redeem free items at certain restaurants. When you collect enough points for a free item from a certain restaurant, you can go to the “Rewards” tab, tap on the restaurant, then place an order. You can redeem a free dish with any purchase. You can only redeem free dishes from the same restaurants you ordered from and only on the Chowbus platform. Limited one redemption per transaction.

How do I sign up?

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Chowbus app. If you're in the Chowbus app, you can check if you're eligible to enroll in Chowbus Rewards by checking the “Rewards” tab on the right side.

Where can I find my rewards balance?

You will see your rewards balance in the “Rewards” tab at our latest version of the Chowbus app. Each restaurant will have a stamp card - you can easily check your point balance, and the points you need to redeem for free dishes from that specific restaurant.

How do I know which restaurants have rewards?

For restaurants that have a reward program, you will see a “Reward” tag at the delivery/pick-up page. You will also see the “Rewards” details when you enter the detailed restaurant page.

What is the bonus point that I can share with my friend (during promotion period only)?

Each you earn points, you will earn an extra point which you can share with a friend of your choosing. Simply send it through our app. The point sent to your friend is totally extra! You will have the chance to send 1 point to one friend every time you are eligible to earn points. Your friend will receive a text message, and the point will show up in your friend’s chowbus account. They can check their points in the “Rewards” tab in the app (associated with the same phone number). The bonus point will be for the same restaurant in which you earned the point. Currently, we only support sending to friends in your phone contacts. This won’t impact your points balance. Only one bonus point per purchase.

Will my points expire?

No, your points never expire. However, restaurants may change the redeemed dishes due to reasons like seasonality.

Have another question that we didn’t answer here? Email questions to [email protected] or tap “Help” inside of the Chowbus app.