About Delivery & Driver Support

100% of Delivery & Driver Support amounts will be issued to Chowbus drivers for orders they deliver. Gratuities are distributed to Chowbus drivers in cash electronically via our payments partner, either weekly or at the driver’s choice should they choose to get paid earlier.

In order to ensure our customers receive the best possible delivery experience, Chowbus will occasionally utilize & pay third-party delivery service providers to deliver your meal based on driver availability and demand.

Since the need for these services can be unpredictable, we will not be able to confirm at the time of purchase whether a Chowbus driver or a third-party supplementary driver will be delivering your order.

We expect that third-party support would increase the total cost of delivery for Chowbus, and a portion of the amount you specify for Delivery & Driver Support may be retained by Chowbus to offset these or other costs.

In addition, regardless of the amount you specify for Delivery & Driver Support, Chowbus pays an amount to be paid to the third-party service to support payment of a minimum gratuity by the third-party service to the supplemental driver, and Chowbus also pays the other charges of the third-party supplementary delivery service.

Additionally, these third-party providers determine the total payment to their drivers for delivery of your food. Of the amount we pay to the third party service, we expect that a portion of the amount you specify for Delivery & Driver Support will be kept by the third-party Service and the full amount would not be paid as gratuity to a supplementary driver. However, other than the minimum guaranteed gratuity, we do not expect to know how or when the third-party service compensates its drivers.

If you have additional questions about your delivery provider or Delivery & Driver Support, please feel free to email questions to [email protected] or tap “Help” inside of the Chowbus app.