What happens after I submit an order?

We send your order to the restaurant as soon as you hit the button. The restaurant confirms with us that they’re working on the order. We will email you a receipt and order confirmation.

How can I update my address after placing an order?

You are able to cancel your existing order within three minutes of placing it. You can then reorder it with an updated address. If it’s been more than three minutes, you are not able to do it by yourself. Simply go to Chowbus app, tap “Profile”, then go to “Need Help?”. Our customer care specialists will help you change the address.

What if I have food allergies or want to change the order?

You can add notes for each item on the checkout page before you place an order. Restaurants will receive that note for your order.

Do I need to tip the driver?

We recommend that you tip your driver. The driver always receives 100% of the tips. Chowbus drivers work very hard to provide you with a great delivery and dining experience. While we provide a suggested tip amount, you're welcome to adjust the percentage or specify the exact dollar amount that you'd like to tip your driver.

Will my delivery driver bring the meal to my door or inside my building/office?

Your driver will generally bring the order right to your door. You can always meet the delivery driver outside or in the lobby if it's easier for you. Please make sure to include this in the delivery notes or contact the driver from within the app!

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to order?

No. There’s no minimum amount when you order from Chowbus.

How do you determine the restaurants that are bundled together?

We bundle restaurants based on the cuisine type and distance. Chowbus delivers restaurants in the same "bundle" together for no additional fee. We think it’s a unique and cool concept!

What if I cannot track where my driver is within the app?

Reach out to our customer care representatives in app (Profile- Need help?). We’ll help you check the driver’s location.

What if my order is not delivered on time?

Sometimes, things happen during delivery. e.g. heavy traffic, severe weather conditions. We will compensate you with Chowbus credits based on the arriving time. Reach out to our customer care specialists inside the app and we’ll help to check your order status and give you an ETA.

I received a message saying some of the items are sold out. What choices do I have now?

Reach out to our customer care specialists inside the app (Profile- Need help?) ASAP. We’ll help you refund the item or make a replacement.

Have another question that we didn’t answer here? Email questions to [email protected] or tap “Help” inside of the Chowbus app.