What is Chowbus?

Chowbus is an Asian food ordering platform. The food from Chowbus is not the kind you find at the mall or in an airport food court — but the kind you find at top-tier restaurants (big and small) that truly embody the flavor of their culture. Whether you're craving dim sum, dumplings, or boba, Chowbus has you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (or whenever you are hungry!) If you are unfamiliar with the dishes or do not know what to order, a quick browse through our fullscreen photo menus will help you find your answer.

How do I order?

Simply download the app from either the Google Play or App Store. Create your account, select an address, Choose the items you'd like, then order from the app.

How much does Chowbus cost?

Restaurants offer different meals at varying prices on the Chowbus app. The delivery fee ranges from $0 to $4.99 depending on the distance. Chowbus Plus members receive free delivery* on all orders from Chowbus when the subtotal of each order is greater than or equal to $15. Please visit Chowbus Plus Page for more information.

I paid a delivery fee, do I still need to tip the driver?

We recommend that you tip your driver. The driver always receives 100% of the tips. Chowbus drivers work very hard to provide you with a great delivery experience. While we provide a suggested tip amount, you're welcome to adjust the percentage or specify the exact dollar amount that you'd like to tip your driver.

How does Chowbus select restaurants?

We've partnered with top Asian restaurants in 20+ cities in North America to bring their menus to Chowbus. The Chowbus team has carefully tried all of the restaurants that we partner with. We are very selective with the restaurants we choose. Chowbus only brings you the best of the best!

How can I turn off texting/email notifications?

Simply go to the Chowbus app, tap “Profile”, then go to “Notifications”. You can opt out messages or email by changing your settings.

How do I reach Customer Service for Chowbus?

Simply go to the Chowbus app, tap “Profile”, then go to “Need Help?”. Our customer care specialists will help you with any concerns or issues you have about Chowbus. The operation hours for customer care are 10am to 10pm everyday. Outside of delivery hours, we’ll get back to you within 12 hours. You can also reach us at [email protected].

I have an issue, complaint, question, etc regarding my order/food. What do I do?

Please see above for how to reach our friendly Chowbus customer specialists.

How are the menu prices determined?

Restaurants reserved the rights to determine their menu price. If you see any question, please send our customer care specialists a message or send an email to [email protected], and we’ll talk to the restaurant.

I forgot my username. Or my password. Or both. What now?

Please see above for how to reach our friendly Chowbus customer specialists.

I’m a restaurant and am interested in partnering with Chowbus. How do I get more information?

Please send information about your restaurant to [email protected]. Please include: Restaurant Name, Cuisine Type, Address, and Contact Number. We will have our Sales Representatives get in touch with you and they will schedule an appointment to come to your restaurant.

If the driver cannot speak English, how can I communicate with the driver?

Please see above for how to reach our friendly Chowbus customer specialists. They will help guide the driver with the instructions you provide.

Something went wrong with my order and I requested a refund. How/When do I receive the refund?

We're sorry if this occurred! Please see above for how to reach our friendly Chowbus customer specialists and they will help you. If the whole order gets refunded, the money you paid to Chowbus will go back to your original payment method within 5-7 business days. If only a part of the order gets refunded, we will reimburse you with Chowbus credits.

Have another question that we didn’t answer here? Email questions to [email protected] or tap “Help” inside of the Chowbus app.

*Additional fees may be applied if a delivery is over 10 miles.