Ichiran(Midtown) 一蘭拉面(中城)
【Only On Chowbus】【Ichiran】 Ramen- WORTHY OF THE MASTERS OF TONKOTSU RAMEN- Developed in Hakata, Japan, the noodles are truly a masterpiece with firm, smooth texture and rich flavor. The soup concentrate is an authentic, flavorful tonkotsu broth full of umami flavors. For a touch of spice, add ICHIRAN’s Original Spicy Seasoning to your ramen. 【独家官方合作】【一蘭拉面】豚骨拉面大师的鼻祖 源自日本博多的面条,质地坚韧光滑,味道浓郁,堪称佳作。 汤是正宗的,美味的通豚骨汤充满了鲜味。 在拉面中加入一蘭独创的辛辣调料。

132 W 31st St, New York, New York, NY