Who we are

Chowbus is a food delivery platform providing high-quality authentic Asian food, empowering local independent restaurants and stores through the technology.

We are curators -- we select authentic restaurants and stores, paired with real food pictures, to help our users experience high-quality Asian food

We are intermediaries -- we reliably deliver food to our customers, offering a unique bundling feature which allows users to order from multiple restaurants in a single delivery with no added fee.

We are partners -- we help local restaurants share the dishes that they cherish, that represent their family and culture

We are community -- Here at Chowbus, we celebrate the endlessly unique, diverse and mouth-watering dishes each restaurant brings to the table. Delivered to you anytime, anywhere.

Media inquiries

For the latest news, please contact [email protected] Please note, we will only reply to members of the press. For all other inquiries, visit our contact page