Why should restaurants cooperate with us? 


Stable quantity of daily lunch orders and dinner orders:

Our lunch shuttle service generates a stable and predictable amount of orders each day for our partners, allowing for smoother operation.  The average quantity of daily lunch orders between 10 and 90; The average quantity of daily dinner orders between 10 and 60.


Making use of restaurant’s guest idle time:

We stop receiving lunch orders at 11am so restaurants won’t have to prepare orders during the rush hours.


Offered menus:

Each day, our curated menu offers dishes from 1 to 3 neighboring restaurants.  This allows our diners to explore all options and get exposed to your dishes.  A positive experience will also drive more dine-in traffic.


Fixed commission:

No bid ranking, no monthly fee. The only charge is commission. We take commission for helping restaurants to get more orders and let more customers know the best meals that you have to offer.


Collaboration system with ease:

The whole system consists of printer and iPad. Restaurants can verify their accounts in real-time.


Free food packaging solutions:

Chowbus provides free food packaging for lunch meals such as bento boxes and rice bowls.

Advertising on social media:

We will regularly showcase your offerings on social media: WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Become a Partner

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