What is Chowbus?

Okay, so the truth is nobody eats orange chicken in China. Wanna try some authentic Chinese meals?
We are here to help. 
Chowbus is a Chicago-based startup specializing in authentic Asian food delivery. We only partner with the top Asian restaurants. Being a pioneer and frontrunner of Asian food delivery, we creatively introduced two modes of delivery. For lunch shuttle orders, we provide a curated menu of 10-15 daily specials that can be delivered to your curbside in a designated time slot with a flat delivery fee of $1. For door-to-door items, we provide on-demand food delivery right to your door with a delivery fee of either $4.99 or free with Chowbus Plus.


How much does a Chowbus meal cost?

For lunch shuttle:

Our daily lunch combos start at $7.99 and run up to about $10.99. Sides, drinks, and desserts hover in the $1.49 to $6.99 range.

For door to door:

Door-to-door items (with larger portion than a lunch combo) start at $9.95 and run up to about $26.95 (for a giant lobster, for example).


How much does the delivery cost?

For lunch shuttle:

You probably won’t believe it - Chowbus only charges a flat $1 delivery fee! There are no hidden service fees or costs.

Say it again?

Yep only ONE dollar.

For door to door:

Order between 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm, the delivery fee is from $2.99 to $5.99 depending on distance, or free with Chowbus Plus.


What is the minimum order?

There is NO minimum! We deliver all of our orders.  


How can I check the status of my order?

You may check the order status in the Chowbus App. You may also check the driver’s car model and color on your order tracking page.


How does Chowbus delivery work?

For lunch shuttle:

We deliver to the pickup location you select for your lunch orders. Upon receiving the arriving message, please meet the driver at the curb and pick up your meal.

For door to door:

We deliver right to your door! Feel free to let Chowbus Driver know that you prefer to meet in the lobby.


When can I order my lunch? May I cancel an order?

For lunch shuttle:

Chowbus operates on weekdays except holidays. The cut-off time for lunch is 11am on the delivery day. After 11am, you can view next business day’s menu and order. You may cancel your order any time before 11am. Please allow 3-5 business days for the bank to process the refund.

For door to door:

For same-day dinner delivery, you may order any time before 9pm.

You may contact our customer service team and cancel your order. Please allow 3-5 business days for the bank to process the refund.


When will my delivery arrive?

For lunch shuttle:

When you enter your pickup location, you’ll have the option to select a designated time slot that is available for this location. When the delivery is in-transit, you are able to track your order under “My Orders”. The driver will send you a text message 5 minutes before arrival.

For door to door:

Within 45-60 mins when you place your order.

When the delivery is in-transit, you are able to track your order under “My Orders”.


Do I order from same menu everyday?

Absolutely not. Our menus change every day for your delivery location. You will always find your favorite dish!


What should I do if my delivery comes late?

Normally the driver will arrive at your pickup location or to your door right on time. Occasionally, your delivery may come a little late due to weather conditions, traffic, etc. In this case, you will receive a text message from the driver indicating how long the delivery will be delayed. Our driver will also send you a text message 5 minutes before arrival. You will always know exactly where your order is by tracking it in Chowbus App.

If you are unsatisfied with a late delivery, please contact our customer service team so we can advise you appropriately and make it right. Your complete satisfaction is really important to us!


What if I cannot find a nearby delivery location?

Our app will prompt you a request form when there is no delivery location near you. Please fill in your address and contact information. You will get notification and a free meal once we have reviewed request demands and opened the requested location.


Do I need to tip my courier?

You are under no obligation to tip but have the option of providing a tip if you feel that you've received exceptional service. Chowbus drivers are not permitted to solicit tips under any circumstances.


What if I have a problem with my order?

We’re here to help. Once you’ve placed an order, just contact our customer service team from within the app and we’ll take care of your issue.


I am interested in partnering with Chowbus. How do I get more information?

Thanks for your interest! We’re always looking to deliver great new dishes. Please contact us at hello@chowbus.com