Why weekday lunch can be a disaster?

It happens. Sooner or later you end up trapped at your desk during lunch because of a tight deadline or because the boss called a morning meeting that just seemed to go on forever and now you have to play catch-up through the lunch hour. 

The worst part is, your lunch plans are now completely destroyed. You were thinking of making a run to that awesome Asian place across town because you had your heart set on their teriyaki salmon or maybe the unagi don.

Might as well face it. That granola bar you’ve been keeping tucked inside the back of your desk drawer for an emergency meal just isn’t going to cut it. You need real food. And you can’t stop dreaming about those gourmet dishes.


What to do?

Well, you could eat the granola bar and be sad. Or, you could instead whip out your trusty phone, punch up your CHOWBUS app and be glad. VERY GLAD.


We’re ideal for feeding you when you are:

  • Working in downtown Chicago;
  • Slammed with deadline work;
  • Tied up in important long meetings;
  • Deserving of a special yet economical reward for prior great work;


This is how it works:


How can I get chowbus office?

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