Our Catering procedure is simple, convenient, and unique. Easily follow 4 steps:


  1. Tell us what you like and what you don't like.

  2. Restaurants complete to best match your meal preferences.

  3. You choose the restaurant and menu you like best.

  4. deliver right to your door, and enjoy.


The 3 C’s of Chowbus Catering


The 3 C’s of Chowbus Catering



Especially with Asian food, there are so many options on the menu that it can take hours to choose the dish you want, and even then there is still the fear that you missed out on a winner. We’re here to make this process is easier for you.


Most companies wait for you to do the choosing and then simply satisfy your needs. Not us, not Chowbus.


Rather than just satisfy your needs, we’d rather exceed expectation and satisfy your desires.

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